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Manziel or Bortles. One or both should drop to us. The wildcard or the golden boy. On the other hand the combine hasn't even happened yet.

I'm sorry, but how do you figure that "one or both" is going to drop to us.

Should. Not is.

Umm...okay. Again, how do you figure this?

Qb's that currently don't flash the word insta-star should be there at 7. But like I said. The combine hasn't even happened yet. Maybe they rustle some jimmies.

Cool. Thanks for not answering my question.

Sorry that you lack English skills, babycakes D:

Well, considering the source...ahh...never mind. Thanks for your input princess.

Baby, are you mad at me? :( I can be gentler.

Not at all cupcake. I found your reasoning, as to why Manziel or Bortles should drop to us, quite insightful.

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