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Can't we all agree that either one would be an upgrade over what we have currently?

some of us can. some cant

Hate to put you on the spot, Dex, but I'm going to use you as a perfect example. You see that either one would be an upgrade. Now, I know you're an FSU fan, so there's obviously some bias. But, you don't go to the ridiculous levels like 10lbrodsmoker, RuNole, or the OryBuc guy. Essentially making shlt up to talk up your favorite. You seem to have a pretty good handle on both prospects while leaving out your bias for the most part. But most importantly, you see the biggest need for this team.

I can be unbiased because its the draft and at the end of the day I want this team to get better, no matter who we take. I will generally pull for an FSU guy more than an equivalent player from another team because im infinitely more familiar with that player because ive watched every snap they've played for 3-4 years so I know what im getting and they aren't a mystery to methat being said the name of the game is making the Bucs better and you have to take the best playerI prefer Winston because I think hes more ready and I like his onfield leadership and fire more than Mariota. I'm also fine with Mariota though because hes a very good player who I think can be successful if he puts in the time and work and we get an OC that understands how to best use his skillsetboth players have concerns and both players have positives. at the end of the day we need a QB upgrade and both of these guys would be giant steps forward for the team

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