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An African american supporting an African american?Isn't that in some sort of handbook? I swear, I've seen that somewhere before.. ;)Remember, dungy will pretty much support all African Americans. He would say freeman was a raw deal and should be starting, that rice was "misunderstood," and that lovie should get more time. It also matters even more that they are buds.Not trying to race bait, but dungy IS an avid supporter. Which IS good, but sometimes, it leads to blinders being put on and not seeing something/someone for what it/he/she really is. There are dumb, fat, slow, retarded, etc people in every culture and/or race. If a player or coach sucks, they suck. There is absolutely no reason to throw race into it. If they're white, and they suck, they suck. If they're black, and suck, they suck.Still, no one is going to say sh1t about lovie. Especially not dungy. It doesn't even need to get to the point I mentioned, because of their friendship, but that's probably also a part of it.Good guy, but man, he's blind.

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