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I go back and forth on  this. I think his professionalism and example he sets are invaluable. On the other hand, I could totally see wiping his $10 mil from the books and going after a guy like Randall Cobb in the off-season......provided we get a qb that can take advantage of his skillset.

I thought his money next season was not guaranteed? If so, then haven't we already wiped it off the books?

Since he restructured his deal, he has nearly 2.5mil guaranteed in '15 and '16, so the Bucs can save a little over $7mil in both of those seasons.

Vincent Jackson has no further payments coming to him from the Bucs if he is either cut or traded. You likely are getting confused as to the prorated application of his signing bonus for the restructure and how it is applied to the cap. That payment was made at the time of the restructure.  Should he not be back, it would result in a little over $7mil in dead money total which can be spread out over two years and also result in a cap savings of a little over $7mil for 2015.

Nope.He would be owed a restructure bonus of 2,432,000 in '15 and 2,432,000 in '16.If they cut him after this year, there would be 4,864,000 in dead money, which is those two years of 2,432,000 bonuses.If they cut him after '15, then there would be 2,432,000 in dead money, which is the remaining year of 2,432,000 bonus money.In 2013, V-Jax restructure and was given a restructure bonus of $12.16 million to be spread over the remainder of his deal. If they cut him now, they would owe him the remainder of that year to year bonus. That is why each season the amount of dead money goes down from 7,296,000 to 4,864,000 to 2,432,000.....which each year is a difference of........2,432,000

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