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Why risk it, I know he has heart but this season is over

Lovie was trying to get a win to save his ego/job.  What a "great" person..He should be fired for that crap alone. Nevermind losing to a backup twice, wasting money, failing at every single coaching hire, believing in mccown, no improvement, and pissing tedford off. There's a whole lot more, but you get the point.

I think you are absolutely right on point, and i agree wholeheartedly.We are now in a situation where our head coach is perfectly willing to sacrifice what is in the best interests of the future of our Bucs, just to save his own ass. This really really p**ses me off. The fact that the games are now meaningless makes this even more infuriating. Playing our best and most important player, who is completely and utterly irreplaceable, while already not 100% fit, risking further injury in an already lost season, is possibly the dumbest thing we could possibly do. This might be even dumber than Lovie deciding to dump the best CB of his generation on the scrapheap and get absolutely nothing in return.If GMC has a serious injury, or if him or Lavonte end up missing the start of 2015 because of a bad injury picked up while playing in a game solely to save the humiliation of a selfish coach who doesn't give a sh*t about our future, then i am going straight to the nearest gun shop to purchase a powerful semi-automatic . . . .

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