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Let me be very clear - linking Heismans with QBing success in the NFL is a MEANINGLESS statistic.It's spurious.  Unless someone can come up with a logical causal explanation for why winning the Hesiman results in poor QB play in the NFL, this is a poor use of statistics.  Not trying to be harsh, just want to be really clear.The more likely explanation is that (a) most quarterbacks do not win the Heisman and (b) a small % of all QBs have success in the NFL and (c) the criteria for winning a Hesiman is poorly related to the criteria for being a successful NFL QB.So if say 2 Heisman QBs have beens successful out of a pool of 16, that means 12.5% of Heisman QBs have been successful.  That's probably a pretty high success %.

tog, I would also factor in the fact that those QB's go to really crappy teams, thus hindering their progress.

Completely true.

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