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Well, I''m already paying for next years tickets, because I chose to use the installment plan for the first time.  I only chose it because doing so locks in this years prices for next year, and I figured if we had success tickets prices might rise.  I've had my seats forever and it has always been a given that I would re-up,  but recently I have been more and more  reluctant to write that check.As to whether you should renew your tickets, I can't answer for you, but some things to consider:Can you comfortably afford them?How much do you love your particular seats?  Would it break your heart to sit somewhere else if you decide to get them again later?

Yes, I can afford them.  Work pays for the tickets (I own the biz) and it's "Client entertainment" 🙂  It's not about the $$, it's about the Glazier's not putting a quality product out there.  IMO, if you want to fill the stadium you spend the $$ and have a good team on the field that can win games.  A winning record will put butts in seats.The second year of Raheem was a time when we (and I use that term loosely as a collective of the town and fans) thought the future was bright for the Bucs.  The following season was an eye opener and a tough season to sit through for a guy like me, but I did it.The talk was that we needed a disciplinarian and Schiano was such, but the record reflects that his ways (and play calling as far as I'm concerned) aren't getting the job done.  Frankly, I feel he has already lost control of the team and the Captain is no longer at the helm, he's been washed over board.Perhaps I am just venting a bit here...  I do appreciate the input from you guys.  I truly hate to give up on the Bucs, but I've also considered just buying individual games as opposed to being locked in to 8 games for the price of 10.  I personally don't considering presseason games as "real" games, but by god you're charged for them just the same.

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