Re: Re: Freeman’s working on Getting 2 HC canned

Richie Cartman

3 HCs actually, not just two.

Dumb comment.  Schiano has 13 games this year with no Freeman.  Schaino can blame himself for being fired.

And Schiano has only played 4 of those 13 games.  And don't think that the whole Freeman drama isn't still having a large impact on the current situation, that boil was festering for a year and more.  Going to take a while for that to fully heal.  Schiano is a bad coach, and will deservedly be fired for that, but not every issue can be laid at his feet.

I am not saying that Freeman does not have any impact on Schaino getting fired.But the topic title is that Freeman will get Schiano fired which is simply not true.  There are a lot of things that factor into him being fired.  Freeman isn't all to blame.

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