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team that have a worse #1 and #2 WR than us (in combined talent):NY Giants - especially with Cruz gone, Beckham and Randle... burfWashington Redskins - Garcon and Jackson... I'll Evans and V Jackson but you could make an argument either waySF 49ers - Boldin and Crabtree... debatable again but Boldin is worse than Jackson and Crabtree vs Evans I don't knowSeattle SeaH - Balwin and Kerse... no, just noM Vikings - Jennings and Patterson... I think both of our WRs are betterPanthers - outside of the FS rookie, they have nothingSaints - call me crazy but Cooks and Colsten... mehBuffalo - Watkins and Evans who knows... the rest of their WRs are average or belowDolphins - Wallace is just a poor man's DeSean J... not sure who else they have reallyPatriots - you wanna talk about a system... plug any of their WRs in somewhere else and they are terribleJets - might have the worst WR core in football even with the Decker upgradeKC Chiefs - nobody but with my homerism I do like their slot guy, DAT haha....Raiders - James Jones and a bunch of average or below WRsRavens - PUSH... S Smith and T Smith aren't exactly amazing Browns - obviously Josh Gordon but they don't have much elseTexans - push... Andre Johnson is on a steep decline and Hopkins is solidColts - Reggie Wayne is all but done and TY Hilton is a product of Luck IMOJags - who? Titans- double who?so that's 19 if you agree with me on all of them but you probably don't so maybe 15 is more accurate for some of you... I still don't think you can say that these aforementioned teams are THAT much better at WR (1 and 2) than the Bucs...now the slot is a whole other argument... we have nothing there unless the someone develops Addressing the system argument:Ducks play from the gun a lot, so I agree that he will need to develop with some time under center... That's a fair argument but outside of that you need to WATCH Oregon play. We essentially run a lot of PA with misdirection. There aren't a lot of gadget plans in our arsenal. I think you also need to look at the success of Carolina last year (and to an extent this year) and Eagles under Kelly. The league is changing and while pocket qbs have been very successful, all I need to do is point to the Super Bowl where the all-time great pocket QB Manning lost to the young scrambling QB Wilson.All of the QBs who play on the run MAKE THE PLAYOFFS! Yes they haven't won it all, but at this point making it to the playoffs is fine by me then you hope you can make something happen; any given Sunday...Mariota is NOT a system QB. Watch Oregon play and stop buying into the ESecPN that pins that Oregon as a system and the PAC-12 as a conference that doesn't play defense.

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