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You know damn well statistics don’t tell it all. Percentage of balls caught, I mean c’mon… If you WATCH the games (I’m not implying that you haven’t) then you would know how many balls are uncatchable. This team is awful, you have to factor that in as well... Glennon's stats are the best of them all. I don't care what his passer rating is vs Bortles et al... Glennon gets his numbers in the second half of blow outs and doesn't keep us competitive.Also, Evans has been hurt so of course many of these other comparisons will have better numbers than him... When healthy, he has showed enormous progression as you have eluded to. Boldin has a much better QB in a much better offense so of course his numbers are slightly better. Andre Johnson in terms of talent is on par with V Jackson. I just don't see how you can overlook past stats as well. Jackson is having a down year on a bad team but he will still put up 800 yards and something like 7 TDs... He's become the #2 and I'm fine with that but he's lost a number of games and numbers due to poor TEAM play. Aside from his drops, the dude can still flat out play. But hey, that's just my opinion and you have yours... I appreciate the debate.GO DUCKS

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