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I throw a couple things out there that I see in this thread.1. Yes he got better every year, that's true for a large majority of QBs that get drafted.2. Mariota throws more TD's to open receivers than anyone in college.3. Mariota plays in a significantly different system than he would play in Tampa.None of these things mean he can't be a top 5 QB at some point. But all of them do make it more difficult to try and translate his college production to the NFL. He may be able to read complex defense and make a tight throw into traffic with a very messy pocket, but he rarely has to do that in college. The scheme he runs, his speed and athleticism create a huge pocket and very little pressure on him. It's a plus that defense has to play him like that but it also doesn't give us a very good picture of how he is going to handle it in the NFL.For the record, I can see the writing on the wall and i'm trying to get on the Mariota train.

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