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And while JW does win, he has a history of poor decision making on and off the field. I think JW is more Byron Leftwich than Big Ben.

on Winston. not gonna debate the off field mistakes because there isnt an argument to be made there that he doesnt need to clean up hit off field antics.he makes poor decisions at times on the field but its not often like you are trying to make it sound. he plays like a gunslinger just like Big Ben and Favre did. he takes chances and sometimes it pays off and sometimes it doesnt. i think Mariotta's low INT numbers are a little deceiving because of how he plays the game. he wont have the same offense or throwing windows and opportunities in the NFLthe difference between Winston and Mariotta is that Winston is willing to take a chance and fit a ball into a really tight window and Mariotta is a bit more hesitant and doesnt want to take the chance. both points of view have their merit as Winston could easily throw the game away with a pick but could also win the game with a TD. Mariotta could win the game by not making a mistake but could lose because he wasnt aggressive enough to take the chance to get the victory.all QBs make mistakes, its just about who limits them and capitalizes on opportunitiesi dont care who we take because we obviously need a QB(and an OC for that matter). i just hope we make the informed logical football decision on which player projects best to our offense and who projects to have the best success in the NFL

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