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Mariota uses his speed to buy time and keeps his eyes down field; only running when it’s the last option.Russell Wilson won a Super Bowl.Kaep was one play away from making it to consecutive Super Bowls.Newton turned around a franchise with a terrible WR core... (I hate Newton, and I hate his accuracy even worse.... I'm just pointing out his success)RG3 INSTANTLY improved Washington's offense and Morris' productivity.Chip Kelley's system has yet to be disproved.Andrew Luck and Aaron Rodgers are IMHO the 2 best QBs in the league... both offer the ability to move out of the pocket but they keep their eyes down field. What's funny is they make some of the same mistakes that Wilson et al make and miss big plays from time to time when they take off and run...I think people see Mariota's success running the ball and misconstrue his abilities. He plays from the pocket a lot more than some of you are giving him credit for. As for "wide open receivers"... this is laughable. He just doesn't force that many throws; that doesn't mean he hasn't or that he can't make them... he just doesn't do it that often. Someone said that he doesn't get to his third read because he's already taken off to run; this just isn't true. While he has starred down some targets, missed some open targets and fumbled on occasion, which QB hasn't? Of course he isn't perfect but the kid is as smart as they come. Watch some film on him as he goes through his reads. He hasn't had the fortune of a solid line during his career. Watch how he feels pressure and moves out of the pocket. Watch how he throws on the run.Lastly, his mechanics are much better than Newton or Kaep... Wilson is too short. Mariota has something that these QBs are missing.

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