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Didn't Cossel also have high regards for Glennon?Doesn't that damage his credibility somewhat?

He liked Glennon the prospect as he reminded him of Matt Ryan the prospect. He's on record saying Glennon the NFL QB has work to do to reach his potential.It damages your cred that you misconstrue what he says or just plain don't listen.

How did I misconstrue anything? I simply asked a question. Cossell made a point about what he thought of Glennon pre NFL, Glennon is turning out to be very mediocre. If Cossell, says Glennon reminded him of Ryan, and Glennon fails, how am I not listening by asking if his cred gets damaged by being wrong about Glennon?I think its a valid point to say that his analysis was wrong, I'm not saying he's overrated like Kiper, that would be misconstruing information based on me thinking he's an airbag and not learning how many draft picks Kiper hit on.

No QB can be fairly judged without an OC. I hope he does well but at this point, I want to lose and grab a super star at the position.

I agree, I'd love to have an elite qb here, my sticking point for not jumping on board is, I truly believe Lovie won't utilize a superstar qb, so we'll be stuck with McCown/Glennon, and then the next "Orton-like" 4th round qb that comes along.

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