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Winston needs to mature off the field, that much is true. But on the field and in the locker room, no one can deny that he is a born leader. I have watched all the games he has played and he never sits down on the side line, he is always cheering on his teammates even after he makes mistakes. He is always talking to his receivers and Oline getting ready for the next series. You cant teach that.He has a superior football IQ, he was drawing up football plays in pee wee league. He learns from his mistakes and NEVER gets down when he or others makes mistakes. FSU lines are not that good this year which is a good thing for the NFL because we can see when the offensive line breaks down, Winston doesn't go side to side running around. He climbs the pocket with his head up and looks for plays down the field. He is not scared to take a hit! You cant teach these things, you either have it or you don't and Winston has it.If Winston grows up and matures, he will be an outstanding QB at the next level for any team with any system because of his intangibles. I do hope is for our team because we really need a leader, that is what we are lacking on offense.

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