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The offense is so dumbed down and blasé that Mariota would be an instant spark. But so would a QB who steals crab legs, and that dude can make all the throws, is effectively mobile but needs to learn to protect himself I.e. Slide. Crab Rape is a beast prospect. A winner. Reads the field so he would be able to take advantadge of those massive targets as well. He is an effective pocket climber, who would rather stay than jet. Between the two prospects, I think Winston fits more readily into what the Bucs do and need. Mariota and that offense is not anything remotely close to what is run in Yucland. The Bucs might still be running counter treys. Who knows. But Lovie will never ever ever run a funky offense. One that would be conducive to Marcus thriving. No way. Of the two, hands down Crab Rape Bullhorn is my favorite. Just his ability to read a defense is a huge plus. Also, wasn't Tedford Akili and Joey's coach?  And now he is AWOL in Tampa. Strange.

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