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We can’t fix our O-line in one year , so who better than Mariota , who runs a 4.4  and can not only buy some time but make teams who overcommit to pressure pay?I believe the throwing into coverage thing is overblown.  I see Winston with WR's running wide open all the time also .Winston also made some throws into coverage , but they are throws you SHOULDN'T make into triple coverage. Throws he won't get away with at the next level. Not sure that's a plus. Accuracy is what you want to look for because accuracy translates , and Mariota is accurate . Does he hit his men in stride and on time ? With the rare exception , Yes he does. Don't believe me ?? Ask NFL scouts :"Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota is widely-regarded as one of the top NFL prospects in the college game, but the way Sports Illustrated hears it, the Ducks star is on even more solid footing than that."Scouts confirmed this week he's the runaway favorite for No. 1 pick," wrote's Pete Thamel"Mariota ranks No. 1 among all NCAA quarterbacks in pass efficiency with a rating of 218.0 (that would translate to a 152.5 rating in the pro efficiency formula). NFL Media analyst Daniel Jeremiah asked five NFL personnel executives for a Mariota comparison, three of whom likened him to San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Before the season, NFL Media analyst Bucky Brooks wrote that a faction of scouts believe Mariota would have been the first quarterback chosen in the 2014 draft had he chosen to be part of it.

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