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Mariota is a liability when throwing to receivers that are not wide open.  Even Kelly said that.  Winston throws in to tight areas all the time and has never left the collegiate field a loser.

I'm a massive FSU fan and Winston has had great trouble this year with picks.  He's been incredibly sloppy in first halves with bad throws, so your statement about throwing into coverage applies to Winston this year, too.  Personally, I think both of these guys could be special.  In Winston, I see a more athletic Big Ben, and in Mariota I see a more accurate Kap.

Winston has done that early in the game with one exception.  When the game progresses, he is more focused and has always come through.  You realize we were down to the #1 ranked defense on the road last Thursday night by 1 pts. and came back and covered the spread right?Dude has ice water in his veins.  We need that in Tampa.

Oh let me be clear, Winston is iceman on the field.  I'm just saying he's had his on the field troubles, too.  I like both guys and TB would be a winning team right now with either, imho.

I guess I need to watch Mariota outside of his big night games.  I didn't get to see  the Stanford game this past weekend.  I am always skeptical of system QBs as I feel their failure rate is higher than you classic pro drop back QB that mixes in some runs when necessary.  Winston runs a 4.5 so he has more than adequate field speed as well.

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