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I'd call Evans and Jackson something *close* to elite... perhaps elite wasn't the right wording, especially since we don't have a true slot and a TE that needs a lot of work...However, I think mobility is just what this team needs from the QB position. I'm not just talking about scrambling, but rather being able to step up in the pocket and sense pressure; to squirm out of tackles and make a broken play somehow work... Winston could probably do that too, but I think Mariota has instincts at another level.Obviously everyone has their opinion on the matter but I think character is huge... even though Mariota isn't as vocal as I would like during games, he is HIGHLY respected by his peers, staff and teammates... That goes a long way; great locker room guy. In terms of throwing into windows and always throwing to "wide open targets"... this just makes me laugh... Seriously, how many of you ACTUALLY watch west coast football? That isn't meant to be condescending... just a real question. The time difference and all; you might have to stay up till 1 or 2 AM to watch some Ducks games. The point is, PAC-12 defenses are geared to stop the PASS. SEC are geared to stop the RUN. This is how they are built. SO... IMHO, that is why PAC-12 QBs tend to be successful in the NFL more often than some other conferences. The defenses they face are similar to the NFL... same mentality of pass first etc...Mariota doesn't throw into tight windows because he goes through his reads better than anyone in the country. He FINDS the wide open WR because he buys time and DBs cannot cover 4.3-4.4 speed for more than 4-5 seconds. This is why I say he has that IT factor. Dude is smart...So in terms of fit, yeah I think a character guy who played PAC-12 QB football (Tedford - if he stays) is a great fit. IMHO, the best QBs are from the PAC-12 and there is a reason for it. ...and yes I know there is probably some homerism in there but what can you do?


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