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(1)Mariota is not a system QB. If anything, you should evaluate him based on the talent around him... If you are going to use the "system" against him, then remember that he is throwing to, as I said before, undersized and young WRs with an average-at-best o-line. (2)PAC-12 QBs (currently)... Just off the top of my head, current starters: Luck, Rodgers, Foles, and Palmer... combined record of 24-9. IMO, Rodgers and Luck are the two best QBs in the game in terms of building a team around and production. (3)ACC... cmon guys... it's the 4th best conference behind SEC, PAC-12 and BIG 12... They are on par or slightly better than the BIG 10. So SOS for Mariota vs Winston.

1. Oregon runs a system offense so just stop. hes a system qb2. You said earlier we cant point to Smith and Harrington's faulures as a basis why Oregon's qbs suck so using your reasonging you can point to other PAC qbs success as a determining factor of success3. according to this site FSU's SOS > Oregon's SOS. wrong again honestly dont care who we take, just pointing out holes in your argument. i could also go after a few other points youve made but i dont want to be labeled a "troll" for disagreeing with you

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