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Every QB plays in a system.

let me rephraseNFL pro style system. the one used by most teams in the leaguehistory has shown that guys coming out of systems like Oregon, Texas Tech, etc have issues adjusting to the NFL while guys who come from Stanford, UGA, Cal, etc are prepared and can step in from day 1 and be effective.theres nothing to say a guy like Mariotta cant do it, just that history is against him

That whole system argument is a load of crap to me. When you get to the league either you can play or you can't. EJ Manuel and Christian Ponder played you guys blessed pro style offense and look at them. Cam didn't play in a pro style and he almost broke the stat sheets a few games in his rookie year. What kind of offense did Andy Dalton and Joe Flacco play in... Who the hell knows. Nick Foles still plays in the spread and he's doing just fine.

Manuel and Ponder are terrible examples. they shouldnt have been taken in the 1st round and everyone knows that. im just putting it forward that successful qbs in the league came out of the Pro set where the guys who ran a spread are much less commonspread qbs who have workedNewtonFolesKaepernickthats iti wont put Dalton there because i dont think TCU was a spread team back then like they are set QBsRodgersLuckRyanRiversboth ManningsBradyHoyerRoethlisbergerWilsonBreesCutlerBridgewaterStaffordthen youve got guys like Romo and Flacco who i cant tell you what offense they ran. i think Flacco was a pro set QBim just illustrating that a pro set QB is a safer bet. doesnt always work out that way but the success rate is a lot higher. i just worry that a guy like Mariotta ends up like RGIII, hurt, figured out, and busted inside of 3 years

either you can play or you can’t when you get to the league.. you’re college offense doesn’t matter. Pro style QBs bust too.

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