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"Rapey crablegs" was the best I've heard yet. Hilarious.I was willing to overlook manziel's transgressions, but with winston it's another story. Ripping off colleges and making money gestures with your hands is one thing, but being accused of rape, stealing a redundant item, and then let everyone (in public setting) listen to you say, "f@ck her in her p@$$y" is another thing entirely.I'm a desperate enough buc fan that I would gladly support either qb, but IF we draft winston, I know I'll be worried.Truthfully, both are worrisome in their own ways, it's just that winston has that extra baggage of, "will he act right once he gets paid?" Idk if his mindset could withstand the awesome impact that that money will do to him.Who knows really...maybe he respects the money and role that he was blessed to be put in? If we draft him, I hope so.

Yeah, I agree with almost everything you've said here.  Nicely put.

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