Re: Re: Gameday Thread: Seahawks vs. Schiano


Losing helps us..get rid of this coaching staff that will never be good at the NFL level. Possibly bring in a very good qb going into the future. -Pretty much make the glazers pay attention.Get rid of Dom (for those who want him gone).Players will probably be cut/traded that should've been awhile ago.We'll be able to bring in a much better Hc.A better system.Fans will have something to root for, even if it's just draft. (No Superbowl this season).Addition by subtraction will make the fanbase MUch happier going into next season.The players might actually be treated like adults of once.Happier players altogether.Those billboards go down after schiano gets canned.Absolute proof schiano sucks.Absolute proof that glennon doesn't have "it."We will know who the team is, and be able to act accordingly in response to it.I mean, if you can't see why it would actually be a good thing in the long run of this team, idk what to tell you.Diehard fans never want to hear these things, but ultimately, there is no doubt.. losing out is for the greater good. Sorry, it sucks. I agree. (Puts hands up)

The only thing worth rooting for right now is Glennon and I see that as win win.  If he is "it" then Bucs win, if he isn't then they lose games but win in the draft.

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