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I've been a fan of this team from day one, have supported them emotionally and financially. Haven't missed a game in 20 years and was there when we brought that shlt fest to NY opening day. However, there comes a time that you have to think big picture. A win today does nothing for us long term.'re happy at 7 pm, does that help Schiano get his much deserved pink slip? Does that help us get the QB that we think is special? Do i want us to go 0'fer? Nope....but 1-15 definitely works for me and i expect it to happen next Monday nite. Other than that, i'm hoping Schiano finishes what he's become so good at. I know that doesn't sit well with some but in the grand scheme of things....who really gives a fukk?

So what does losing do for us other than drafting another unproven quarterback that could send the franchise in either direction? That guy could just as easily be picked with the 20th pick or the 100th pick than the top 4 or 5. Every one of the "top" QBs in this draft have major things to fix at the pro level in order for them to be successful. Drafting Bridgewater or Mariota or Manziel (don't get me started) will do nothing for this team next year. You speak of "big picture". By the time whatever QB we draft is ready, the window will be closing on the talented players that we currently have. I'm not down with rebuilding. We don't need to. What we need is a competent QB with starting experience and a real NFL coach. I'll point to the Chiefs because thats who we are, albeit the 2012 version. Therefore, I doesn't freaking matter how many games we lose this year. The draft aint solving our problems like everyone thinks it will. So...yeah, I'm pretty much done with this stupid "tank" plan and I still believe that you should never be happy if your teams loses. WTF is wrong with people like that?

the term 'can't see the forest for the trees' comes to mind.

Nah. I can see just fine. I can "see" that another rookie QB is not going to get this team to the playoffs next year or maybe even the year after...not this batch of rookie QBs at least.

Hey Nostradamus, can u see tonite's fantasy 5 #s as well?

I think that's a little hypocritical. You seem to be just as certain that draft a rookie QB in the top 5 will equal instant success. So no, can't help you with your retirement plan.

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Any hopes of a Packer comeback died amidst a crimson wave of destruction.