Re: Re: Gameday Thread: Seahawks vs. Schiano


Any chance that shiano was right about the whole thing where they will stick with him til they get good and then fans will be welcomed back?  The longer that he stays as coach the more likely it seems, im not saying i want shiano to stay but once upon a time a college coach was 1-15 and then built a dynasty, i am just hoping for a bright side here

We better win at least 4 or 5 games for that to even be a consideration.

i think maybe fans are not as patient anymore, with all the parity and quick turnarounds it seems like everyone is so quick to judge and get rid of coaches, maybe some patience would pay off, mabe not though but I am tired of a new coach every two years but at the same time with all the talent that we have we definitely have not played up to potential so its hard its just a crappy situation

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