Dolorous Jason

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Remember....there is a second half and that is when Rutgers puts his stamp on each game.

Spoken like a prophet!

Spoken like a d-bag....any moron can predict an 0-7 team is going to blow it again takes a real fan with balls  to say , "this time it will be different ".  No respect for that prediction.

So, it takes a real fan to in the face of an entire seasons worth or work to buc the trend (no pun intended) and say they will win? In other words, it takes a REAL fan to be an irrational illogical fanboy.Btw, who was right?

No try again . It takes a real fan to root for his team . Period.What it doesn't take is Nostradamus to predict the 0-7 team is going to lose this time . I was responding to the " ohh look it's a prophet " comment at an obvious , yet cowardly negative prediction. The BOLD prediction would have been , " We got this . The losing ends today " . Get the hell out of here claiming credit for that shlt.

Again, which was right? The fanboy (bold) prediction or the one based on watching the team all year? Just because you call a spade a spade, and just because someone else pats someone on the back for making said prediction does not make them less of fans. They (like me) would have loved to have been proven wrong most likely. I'm going to root for my team no matter what, but if they are bad and I expect to see them choke the win away because they've done so all year long I'm going to say I expect it.

Again are not following the argument here.We aren't talking about who was right . It's extremely easy being right  to predict the crappy team will lose . I am talking about the "spoken like a prophet" comment while prediciting the 0-7 team will blow it again .  Bwahahahaha who cares. That's not prophecy at all . Coming from a fan that's nothing more than pessimism  . As the scarecrow would say , "Color me unimpressed" with that prediction , "slugger".