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Was gonna make a thread about this as well.Didn't catch the first few minutes, but I got the rest on the way home from work. He called guys out (no one in specific) for not being disciplined (mentioned jumping offsides on the FG) , not giving it their all and not showing enough pride. He did not seem too happy about the effort some guys have been giving, but he said Lovie made a statement today and the whole team looked much more focused today in practice and still remember that Falcons game. I know a lot of people are rooting for us to lose out, but I would love to see us destroy the Falcons. Can't stand them and I've still got a very sour taste in my mouth from week 3. Chances are we aren't going 1-15 and no other team will either other than possibly the Raiders, so if we're gonna win another one, I hope this is the game.Also, it still amazes me how people criticize and complain about McCoy. The guy is a stud on the field and has an excellent attitude to the game and off the field. You can tell he really loves being a Buc and I couldn't be happier he signed that extension. If you didn't catch his radio show tonight, I highly suggest checking it out.

Excellent post. I completely agree. I cannot possibly believe that any Buc fan could be dumb enough to actually complain about Gerald McCoy. He works his ass off, and he has a superb attitude, and he is the best player at his position in the league. He might just be the 3rd best player in the entire NFL, after JJ Watt and Aaron Rodgers. Yes, he really is THAT good

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