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Was gonna make a thread about this as well.Didn't catch the first few minutes, but I got the rest on the way home from work. He called guys out (no one in specific) for not being disciplined (mentioned jumping offsides on the FG) , not giving it their all and not showing enough pride. He did not seem too happy about the effort some guys have been giving, but he said Lovie made a statement today and the whole team looked much more focused today in practice and still remember that Falcons game. I know a lot of people are rooting for us to lose out, but I would love to see us destroy the Falcons. Can't stand them and I've still got a very sour taste in my mouth from week 3. Chances are we aren't going 1-15 and no other team will either other than possibly the Raiders, so if we're gonna win another one, I hope this is the game.Also, it still amazes me how people criticize and complain about McCoy. The guy is a stud on the field and has an excellent attitude to the game and off the field. You can tell he really loves being a Buc and I couldn't be happier he signed that extension. If you didn't catch his radio show tonight, I highly suggest checking it out.

I took it that Glennon might not be the only  one not starting sunday ...and i agree if we only win one more game let it be vs the Falcons

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