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It's hilarious. "The Glazers don't care about mediocrity." They fire Gruden and pay the rest of his massive contract in a shocking move. Next, "the Glazers don't care about losing." Then they fire Morris. Right before FA a couple years ago - "glazers are cheap pieces of **CENSORED**." They go out and pay for VJ and Nicks. We hear the Revis deal may not go through. Everyone says "the Glazers will never build a champion." Then the deal happens. This past season ends and just because Schiano took the flight back with the team to Tampa, everyone immediately says "they don't care." Today Schiano gets fired and they eat another contract because CLEARLY they care a lot. Smh.

Fan's need someone to be mad at. With everyone else fired all they have is the Glaziers."V.I.K.I. -  My logic is undeniable!" -  I-Robot

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