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I like glennon, just like him a lot more as a long-term backup. Title is a tad misleading imo, think his quotes were well stated.

How is it misleading? I was there talking to him. “It was not what I was expecting, but it is part of the game."Sounds caught off guard to me.

i got the impression that glennon was blindsided from the title, but reading the article it sounded more like he understood it.  Just my take, and not a big deal, which is why I used "tad"

Oh gotcha, that's cool. I guess I was also going with some body language when we asked him about it. And add in the fact his brother went a little crazy on Twitter it really felt to me he was caught off guard. It happened on Tuesday, so by Wednesday when we got a chance to speak to him, he was prepared to address it. No problem, just don't want anyone to think we are TMZing headlines! Thanks GT

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