Re: Re: Glennon for Shane Ray?


Like I’ve said in previous threads. Yes, Denver would be an outstanding team to work with as they need CAP SPACE to be able to Draft next Month if they don’t have the ability to DRAFT they can’t even get through the door. Currently, they have $1,648,696 available under the CAP and they have 10 picks in the 2016 NFL DRAFT or the equivalent of 6.6M…. They have a TON of Dead CAP SPACE 7.2M. I can see the following working out for both teams:QB - Glennon2016 - 6th round pick #1832017 - Conditional 2nd or 3rd round pick2018 - Conditional 4th or 5th round pickfor S - TJ Ward $3.250M - 2 year deal (5.75M in 2017 & FA in 2018)WR - Emmanuel Sanders $5.6M - (1 year deal = FA in 2017)2016 - 1st round pick #312016 - 3rd round #942016 - 7th round pick #228Then they could release or restructure Clady and be able to participate in the 2016 NFL DRAFT! The trade of 2016 picks for future picks lowers Denver's pre-draft signing amount to approx. $4.5M which then if they restructured Clady to 5M per and ran the rest across a additional year at 3.9M it would work for them and they could keep their LT.It would also bring more clarity to the Safety position with us and acquiring TJ Ward. It would also give us the speed receiver we need in Sanders. Plus, ample picks to build the Defense or trade up to acquire more defensive talent.That would give the BUCS the following picks this year:1. #91b. #312. #393. #743. #944. #1085. #1486. #1977. #228Currently, we are $18,995,430 under the CAP. The acquisitions of Ward and Sanders fit financially at $8.85M and we have plenty of money left to draft the 9 picks or approx. $8M. (For a final cap figure of - $2.5M under the CAP). At that point we could CUT (EDS $2.5M, Major Wright $1.75M & George Johnson $2M) and save another $6.25M and end up $8.75M under the CAP for 2016.

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