Re: Re: Glennon is on pace to shatter many Bucs rookie records


Eh, he's still average IMO.We'll see.

His numbers are actually above average and if he keeps improving the conversation at the end of the year becomes interesting.  A lot can happen with 8 games to go.

I understand that, and hope that continues. I welcome competition. However, I still don't believe he's worth completely turning our backs on a top qb. That would be nuts. At least you would have a stable of qb's, and have some trading options later down the road if need be. Passing on a qb would be bonkers without convincing wins.We also have to understand that schiano will probably be gone. That being said, glennon has to pass the eye test by whatever coach comes in. Judging by his current record, would you tie your career to the guy? I wouldn't.I'll give him credit though, the kid played well against a tough defense today. The running game opened up, and some lucky bounces went our way, but he handled it well and capitalized.

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