Re: Re: Glennon is on pace to shatter many Bucs rookie records


He can shatter every rookie record out there. He's still got ZERO count that ZERO wins. To be fair that's not his fault but he's the captain of the ship on the field so sink or swim he gets the credit. If we could only jettison Schiano and company the team might get some wins.

I don't like saying it, but at this point in the season it has come down to draft picks to best improve the team currently. Bringing in a new HC and/or coordinators right now would succeed in allowing the team time to get adjusted sure, but then end up lacking that #1 overall pick that is needed more.Simply put, we kinda need to lose out the rest of the games to jettison this coaching staff and get that #1, whether that be to trade down to collect more picks or pick up "the franchise" when the time comes, while still remaining competitive throughout our losses. I THINK we showed we can stick with the best of them as a team with this loss to Seattle, but we aren't trying to win. There was no reason to change playcalling, both offensively and defensively, so drastically in the 2nd half yet we did anyways. Why? Maybe to stop scoring points and let Seattle come back? Maybe we truly are tanking the season like the Colts did. I think once we see JAX get a win (somewhere) you'll see the Bucs come out and spank a team with cutthroat football all game through. Just my opinion. Maybe I'm overthinking it. I also dont get to watch all the games in very good quality and streams are very choppy over here so I basically miss 1/3 of the games from stuttering but hey... who knows?

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