Re: Re: Glennon is on pace to shatter many Bucs rookie records


Isn't this what people wanted from Freeman? hit the short and intermediate routes, game manage, control the clock, don't turn the ball over???Is the hatred for Schiano blinded people to the fact that we have a young qb, who has 8 tds to 3 picks in 5 games, shows poise and command, and is throwing to guys named Underwood, Wright and Skylar Dawson (or what ever his name is). It could very well be simply that schiano is trying to hold leads instead of going for the kill (which is funny since he wants to be a mini Bellicheck, and Bellicheck doesn't take the foot off the throat).If Glennon continues to improve, (and that is the key, continued development), I'll hope the kid stays and is the guy, people may chastise me and say Glennon doesn't have it in crunch time, but think of this. The whole Buccaneer world is imploding around him, Coach is on the hot seat, rb1 is down, wr2 is down, wr1 looks uninterested, and Glennon doesn't seemed to be phased by it, and goes out and leads his team to a 21-7 (still think there were two blatant blocking from behind non calls on tate's return) halftime lead in the 2nd loudest stadium, against the 3rd best defense. Schiano and Sully's conservative play calling in the 2nd half is what lost us this game along with broken containment. Not a rookie qb who  outside of the 1 take the delay of game to gain some yardage for the punt, sure didn't show signs of distress with the crowd noise.Get behind this kid and root for him.

People keep saying he is only a game manager but he shows glimpses of much more.  The ineptitude surrounding him with the coaching staff and injuries on offense are hard to overcome but he has put in an even better performance against a top ranked defense than last week.If Glennon starts to put it together in the 4th quarter of a game, which has been his Achilles heel thus far, he will be surprising a lot of people.

Alldaway,  I may be seeing more then what is really there, but I honestly think Schiano and Sully are trying to call a "hold the lead" "don't turn the ball over by being aggresive" approach. Glennon may miss a read, but I honestly think the coaches are dialing down the offense in the 2nd half to preserve a in point, 4th quarter, it's 3rd and 2, James has been giving us 3 yards almost every time. I understand he isn't the 3rd down back, but why not run him, he had the hot hand.Do you think I'm off base in thinking it's more the coaching, then Glennon hitting a wall?Maybe I'm just so happy to see a qb actually completing a pass that I'm blind to Glennon's struggles.

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