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His low YPA has nothing to do with being a rookie.  He was gun-shy and risk averse in college as well.  He plays it safe and goes to his check downs when the big play isn't wide open.  Doubt that will change.

I disagree.His YPA is being dragged down with his first game performance (4.5).  This last performance he was (7.3).  Glennon had a lot of INT's in college which indicated he was taking too many risks and now needs to find a balanced middle ground.

His college INTs were more due to mechanics than risk taking

From scouting reports :"Displays a gunslinger mentality"" he makes some mental mistakes and challenges traffic at times. Often when trying to protect his body, he will throw balls up for grabs deep downfield.Though I mention dangerous throws and mental errors, Glennon can be observed going through his progressions and looking off defenders. " when all else fails just make stuff up right ? LOLz Fact is Glennon is a smart dude , and if the coaches are coaching him to protect the ball , that is what he's going to do.