Re: Re: Glennon is on pace to shatter many Bucs rookie records


OK so some people are complaining that Glennon is not a gunslinger.  You do realize there are negatives to being a gunslinger right?  He currently has 8tds to 3 ints.  If he had a gunslinger mentality he would probably have 10-12 tds, but he would also have 10-12 ints.

I'm not complaining that he isn't a gunslinger. I'm simply pointing out that he isn't a gunslinger. Delirious is just mad about it. But I think the thing that you may want to consider is that Glennon's low TD to INT ratio has come at the expense of a lack of big plays, especially in the 2nd half when the defenses get into a rhythm and can schematically adjust to our playcalling.

His current stats project (over a 16 game season) to almost exactly the same as Freeman's record breaking year.  The stats people used to justify a 4th year pro as a franchise QB are no longer good enough for a rookie only a year later.                                                                          comp %  td  int  yards  yards/attempt    ratingFreeman (2012)                                                  54.8      27  17  4065        7.3                81.6 Glennon (2013 projected over 16 games)          60.3      26  10  3728        5.7                83.1

First of all, a projection being compared to actual output means nothing. That projection gives Glennon a better rookie season than Andrew Luck had. Luck had the 3rd highest YPA statistic in the league and won 11 games. Glennon has the lowest and has won zero. The stats can say what they want, but when you watch the game, you do not see a QB better than Andrew Luck. You don't even see a QB better than Freeman was in 2012.

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