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This whole thing is a joke, really. Lovie is a joke of a coach and is either absolutely clueless or a pathological liar. What is the end game here? Do you believe McCown is still a better QB? Are you trying to lose? I just don’t see a scenario where McCown over Glennon is the right move. You either love Glennon and want to give him the rest of the year to play and show us something or you think he’s a back and again, you give him the rest of the year to play and learn to be a decent back up while simultaneously securing us a high draft pick.He says the decision gives us the best chance to win this weekend, well that isn't what you said about Barron so which is Lovie?A large majority were fully behind Lovie Smith 6 months ago, I'd be surprised if a large majority still liked the hire. He looks like one of the worst coaches in the league.

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