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1.) We are no longer in win now mode

Completely disagree

+1We didn't trade VJax, Martin, or Glennon because Lovie still thinks we can win now. There is no chance of Lovie packing it in and looking to the future. He will be in win now mode even if we are 1-14 in our final game vs the Saints. He believes McCown can win now and that is the only reason he is putting him back in.

I don't know guys. For a defensive coach like Lovie Smith to trade his starting safety for draft picks.... it seems like he is looking towards the future. And yes, we didn't trade the players you listed... but I think that has more to do with the compensation we were being offered than us being in 'win-now mode' due to the fact that VJax and Martin were actively being shopped before the trade deadline. Hopefully we can still unload them next spring and get some kind of compensation for them though.

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