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Memory is short on some....McCown looked horrendous when he started here. He didn't even ATTEMPT a pass longer than 10 yards let alone complete one. When both QBs stink, you always go with the younger one. At least he has a chance to improve. McCown will be retired next year. Glennon could be a serviceable backup for this team for a long time.

They don't want to tank Glennon's stock into the toilet. Playing McCown is a safe move. Either way the results would be the same as far as our record goes.

So they don't want to play Glennon because that will expose his shortcommings and they are looking to trade him??? Brilliant idea. How'd that work out for Josh Freeman and his agent when they didn't want him to play the week following his debacle on SNF for the Vikings and Giants where he developed concussion-like symptoms after not taking a hit?

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