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There is no conspiracy on why Lovie chose McCown.  He truly believes McCown gives them the best chance to win this week.  Lovie needs to win now.  He doesn’t care about draft position, or next year.  He’s a head coach on a 1-7 team with a current 4 game losing streak.  This team continues to lose, he WILL lose the locker room, if he hasn’t already.  That is all he cares about and should care about right now.  If he continues to preach his style of football and tell players “do it this way and we’ll be successful” and all that results are losses, then no one will continue to buy in.  For the fans that want a high draft pick, that's great, keep losing.  For the head coach, if he somehow gets another year after 1-15 or 2-14, players are just going to be apathetic and roll their eyes next season as Lovie again tries to coach his style and convince them it's successful.

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