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When McCown was named the starter it was a "conspiracy" because Glennon HAD to be the man. Glennon got his chance, didn't capitalize ... and make no mistake, that is on Glennon the "conspiracy" returns ... and Glennon just needs more time. LolI have always said I just want the best guy to start because I don't think either is great, but what more could Glennon ask for? He had a great opportunity and blew it.  Hope he recovers and goes onto greatness, but it's pretty silly to act like he is some guy who didn't get a fair shake.

I'll tell you what Glennon could ask for...................a competent OC.

Like McCown has?While you were watching the Browns game in your Glennon onesy did you see those open receivers? You know, the guys who were open as a result of the incompetent OC's play call .. did you see Glennon miss them time and time again?  Maybe the stuffed giraffe was in the way?