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2010 Freeman would be leading the league in passing yards and TDs with this group of dunkaneers. He was excellent at extending plays and throwing deep jump balls. Too bad that version of Freeman does not exist anymore. As far as McCown starting over Glennon, I have several emotions. The first and strongest is indifference. I really just do not care at this point, and I think most fans feel the same way. I personally do not think either guy changes our odds of winning or losing. I would start Kafka just in case though. We need to finish 1-15 for many reasons. What does bother me is that we did not trade Glennon before the deadline. If this regime does not believe in him, then why keep him? Why not get a decent 2015 draft pick for him? If Glennon was in the future plans of this regime, then starting McCown again and benching Glennon has zero logic. McCown was brought in for one reason. He was suppose to be a short term veteran that could help us win right away. That train has left the station though, so putting him back in now is ridiculous and serves no purpose...which unfortunately matches the theme of everything else this regime has done since taking over.

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