Re: Re: Glennon Solid, Healthy Freeman Sits — Schiano Right?


To the OP, Schiano is only "right" if Glennon wins more games then Freeman would have.  Had we not drafted Mike and treated Josh like a real starter would be treated though camps and preseason.  Very hard to argue the point that this team would be 0-8 right now had that been the case.  I will completely agree that our franchise is better off with Josh gone and giving Mike a chance to show what he has.  But that is a completely different discussion imo, then saying Greg was "right" to do what he did with our quarterbacks.  It's like this:  Let's say Greg Schiano breaks into my house tonight and rapes me.  As he's climbing back out of my window a million dollar bill falls out of his pocket.  Obviously he's not coming back for the money, so I'm "better off" with the money, but he's still not "right" for raping me.

The analogy is bad, but I do get your point and agree.

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