Re: Re: Glennon Solid, Healthy Freeman Sits — Schiano Right?


You can find "national announcers" to reinforce almost any opinion you have.  Hell, Jaws was just on wdae again this week saying in his opinion reviewing the tape from the first few weeks the Bucs were NOT justified in benching Josh.  Also, this announcing team was clearly groping for anything nice to say about the Bucs.  Made me embarrassed more then anything to hear Moose talking about how gosh darn proud we should be about our guys effort.  Quarterback play improved is subjective.  I don't want to bad mouth Mike because I have been impressed with the way he is playing as a rookie.  No way this team is 0-8 if Mike is not drafted and Josh is the unquestioned starter the whole way though (imo).

+1Freeman at his best is better than Glennon at his best. The best we can say about Glennon is that he hasn't lost us many games. That's all fine and good, but he hasn't won us any either. Freeman was inconsistent, but he's also shown the ability to put the team on his back and hit big plays late to win football games. Glennon has looked either meek or awful late in games so far. His 1st half stats are padding his overall numbers. He has made very few critical 2nd half mistakes, but he's made even fewer crucial 2nd half plays.

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