Re: Re: Glennon Solid, Healthy Freeman Sits — Schiano Right?


Its his 5th friggin start...if he had been a 1st round pick, ppl would be salivating about his future.

Not this fan. In today's nfl, your QB has to be special, not average.

Guy has been getting better every week, and those deep balls are his main weakness.  And those have been creeping closer to target each week as well.  He's still playing very cautious ball out there, he needs to loosen up a bit.  Too much focus on not screwing up, not enough on making plays.  Needs to trust himself more.  But the potential is definitely there by reasonable standards.  He's just playing a different style of ball than the guys who make the big plays but big mistakes when they are rookies.  Not much highlight reel stuff.

Assuming we end up with the 2nd pick in the draft, you're kool with passing on a QB?

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