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Lovie is not a good offensive coach, in fact he's down right horrible. At this point, it doesn't even matter to me. Bring in Mariota, Winston or even superman and Lovie would ruin each and every one. If a QB has the skills you need good coaching, talent, a good game plan and patience to stick with it. Glennon won't get that here, hell, no QB will get that here.Let's review Lovie Smith on the QB position so far.1. Bring in Josh McCown.2. Apparently test the market trading for Glennon.3. Withdraw interest on trading Glennon and name the future of the franchise.4. Start Josh McCown who single handed loses us our first two games.5. Put Glennon in when McCown is hurt and leave him in even when McCown comes back.6. Now pull Glennon for turning the ball over twice in one game while ignore that McCown turned it over 6 times in 10 quarters of football.7. Meanwhile he refuses to bring in help at OC and lets the QB coach become new OC, BTW who is the actual QB coach now?????It's just a (censored)ing disaster, and that isn't going to change. Lovie has already shown how stubborn he is. He continues to talk about our QB making to many mistakes when he should be talking about him making more plays. It's more of the same. We'll draft a QB who will get a year and a half to become a pro bowler in a terrible offense without coaching or gameplanning then we'll be screaming for him to go. All the while the fan base not fully understanding that we don't have the coaching in place to have a real franchise QB b/c Lovie and company is unsure of what to do to help one develop. Lovie is a joke, Glennon's brother might be not be the best neutral party to comment on Lovie but he isn't wrong.


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