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Mike is still a young QB. There will be games like last Sunday. Coach Lovie believes he is improving. I will take his word over anyone on this board. Mike Evans also came out in support of him. I'll continue to support our QB. The Falcons are up next. He looked good against them in the 2nd half earlier this year when the Falcons kept all their starters in there trying to keep it a shutout.

How many games has Glennon had where he was much better than he was Sunday?Yes, cause Lovie has such a great handle on his QB situation and has made excellent decisions regarding the position and all...What is Mike Evans gonna do? Throw him under the bus?The Falcons had that game locked up. That defense was not playing as hard as they would have been had they been in a close game. They were also in soft coverage. Glennon was better than McCown...that isn't saying much though.

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