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He'll never come to Tampa.  He and his family love the bay area too much.  That's why the Dolphins couldn't get him years ago to leave Stanford.  He's going to Oakland if he stays in the NFL, otherwise he's going to Michigan.

Didn't Michigan hire someone already? Maybe I am mistaken on that and it was just a rumored hiring?Anyway I agree with you. Hell, he could take the Raiders job, and not even have to sell his house or take his kids out of school.

No, Michigan job is still open.  I think they really are waiting on Harbaugh to make a decision.

Oh ok thanks.  Didn't the Michigan AD say a few weeks ago, he didn't know where all the Harbough talk was coming from?  And he wasn't even considering him?

Michigan is trying to stay tight-lipped about their hiring process this time.  Brady Hoke wasn't their first choice last time and it made them look bad that they got turned down by other coaches and had to "settle" with Hoke.  This time they are trying to do it all behind the scenes so it appears whoever they hire that they were their "first choice" all along.  This day and age, I doubt they will be able to hide someone turning down the job, but who knows.

Ya, I was just reading up on the situation. It looks like Jack Harbough and the whole family are really tight with Brady Hoke. So they are not that thrilled with Michigan at the moment.

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