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Lovie will be here in 2015. Harbaugh wouldn't come to a place that fires a HC after only 1 year if they don't produce. He's not STUPID!

It isn't about producing, it's about making the team worse. Lovie took a 4-12 team and made them worse.He deserves a swift kick in the nuts, and then handed his pink slip.

Agreed.  Lovie could have not been such a big spender in free agency and used this season to evaluate the then current roster and see who best fits into his scheme and what needs to be changed or players that need to be replaced.  Instead he talks all about "winning now" and completely overhauls the roster before really evaluating the talent he had, and actually brought in worse players.  I think if he would have just treated this year as a "growing pains" year like Raheem's first year, as a fan I could stomach the losing better and be willing to give him time. 

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