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Plus, what the hell is Harbaugh but Lovie in Khakis. Offensive ranks in SF: 27, 24, 11, 26. Pound that rock!

8 years before Harbaugh: 46-824 years with Harbaugh: 43-18

For whatever reason, he wears out his welcome pretty fast.

I'd be happy to make the playoffs three straight years and then have to fire him for going .500 his fourth.

I hear ya, but before yesterdays game, it appeared he lost the team. Kap has defitnitly regressed. And he is the former QB that is supposed to be the guru.

That's the biggest reason why I wouldn't want him. He's supposed to be a QB guy and his QB is getting worst by the game.

Early prediction.  Kap is the 2015 NFL Comeback Player of the Year.

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